******* Other Services *******

Family Birth Services
529 N Central Rd
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 291-3292 (Office)

Lavender and Roses, Birth and Mothering Center
Sherry Bushnell, LM, CPM
516 Louisiana St.
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-6262

******* Midwives *******

******* Counselors *******

Troy Food Pantry
301 East Kootenai Ave
Troy, MT – 59935

(406) 295-5847

Tobacco Valley Food Pantry
109 Dewey Ave.
Eureka, MT (406) 297 2358

Office of Public Assistance
933 Farm to Market Road
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-3791

WIC at Northwest Community Health Center
320 E 2nd St,
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-3755

Libby Food Pantry
724 Louisiana Ave.,
Libby MT 59923

******* Food *******

LDS Family Services

2620 Colonial Dr, Suite #D

Helena Montana 59601


****************   Adoption Services   ****************

Pregnant? Got Questions?

Not sure Who to call for What?

Lincoln County’s Best Beginnings Council has developed a Maternal Resource Guide full of Resources and Contact information to help. Go to our website and get sizzling hot 77777. Hurry up to go and start winning.

Please Scroll Down…


Its FREE… Just go to your Local Library for your free copy and to access their Maternal Resources materials. 

No Appointment Necessary

Free Pregnancy Tests

Lincoln County Crisis Solutions

Domestic Violence & Crisis Intervention

Montana Safe Haven Law – Citation: Ann. Code § 40-6-402

A newborn infant may be surrendered under this act. The term ‘newborn’ means an infant whom a physician reasonably believes to be no more than 30 days old.

Who May Relinquish the Infant Citation: Ann. Code §§ 40-6-402; 40-6-405 A parent may surrender the child. The term ‘surrender’ means to leave a newborn with an emergency services provider without expressing an intent to return for the newborn.

Who May Receive the Infant Citation: Ann. Code §§ 40-6-402; 40-6-405 The child may be surrendered to an emergency services provider, including: A uniformed or otherwise identifiable employee of a fire department, hospital, or law enforcement agency, when the individual is on duty inside the premises of the fire department, hospital, or law enforcement agency.

Any law enforcement officer who is in uniform or is otherwise identifiable.

Child Welfare Information Gateway. Available online at https://www.childwelfare.gov/systemwide/laws_policies/statutes/safehaven

MT Legal Services 1 (800) 666-6899

Self Help Law Center Kalispell (406) 758-2496

www.MontanaLawHelp.org – Helping low-income individuals solve legal problems with on-line help and interactive interviews to complete legal forms for legal matters such as divorce, child custody and visitation, etc.

******* Legal *******

Boundary County Hospital
6640 Kaniksu St,
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
(208) 267-3141

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center – birthing center
E 2nd Street
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 283-7000

Kalispell Regional Medical Center
310 Sunnyview Lane
Kalipell, MT 59901
1- (800) 228-1574


Libby’s Closet – low cost and consignment
320 Mineral Ave, Libby, Mt 59923
(406) 293-9295

****************   Basic Needs   ****************

Montana Child and Family Services

933 Farm to Market Rd

Libby Montana 59923


Lutheran Social Services of Montana

2429 Mission Way

Billings Montana 59105


Lincoln County’s Best Beginnings Council’s vision is to ensure Lincoln County has a comprehensive, coordinated, early childhood system.

Call Cookie at 406-291-2715 to learn more about the Lincoln County’s Best Beginnings Council.

  • Mental Health
  • Midwives
  • Obstetricians
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Substance Abuse
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Transportation
  • Other Services

P,O. Box 595

Eureka Montana 59917

Phone: 406-291-2715

Pregnancy Resources for Lincoln County Montana

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Lincoln County Transit –
293 8024 Toll Free 1 (877) 745-7433

******* Transportation – Low Cost *******

Smoking hurts you and your baby. Pregnant women who smoke are more likely to have: miscarriages, stillbirths, premature babies, babies with slow physical growth and mental development, low birth-weight. All the chemicals in cigarettes hurt your baby AND you. Get the help you need to quit. You’ll both have a healthier life.

Montana Tobacco Quit Line – FREE
(800) QUIT NOW – special counselors for pregnant women

Lincoln County Northwest Community Health Center
320 E 2nd Street
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-3755

******* Substance Abuse Treatment *******

Clear Choice Clinic
1281 Burns Way, Kalispell, MT
(406) 257-5700

Lincoln County Mental Health Center
34169 US Hwy 2
Po Box 1446
Libby, MT 59923
Phone (406) 293-8746
FAX: (406) 293-3862

Sunburst Foundation – Mental Health
Libby Office
108 E. 9th Street Suite #11
Libby, MT 59923
Phone: (406) 293-5284

******* Mental Health *******

******* Hospitals *******

Montana Office of Public Assistance
933 Farm to Market Road
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-3791

March of Dimes Foundation (914) 997-4488

National Abortion Federation hotline (800) 772-9100

Planned Parenthood and WIC (Women, Infants and Children)
Northwest Community Health Center
320 E 2nd Street
Libby, MT
(406) 293-3755

Joan Christiansen
211 Mineral Ave
Libby, Mt
(406) 293-7900

Alice M. Sterling, LCPC
421 Montana Ave
Libby, Mt
(406) 293-6118
(406) 889-3653 Eureka

Catholic Social Service of Montana

P.O. Box 907

1301 11th Ave

Helena Montana 59624


1-800-BABY-DUE – Toll Free

Compassionate Hearts Adoption Agency

9500 MT hwy 324

Dillon Montana 59725


Pregnancy Care Center
113 W 10th St, Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-9435

We Care Unplanned Pregnancy
309 1st Ave E, Eureka, MT 59917
(406) 297-2079

******* Pregnancy Testing and Counseling – Free *******

Sandpoint, ID

Amelia W Huntsberger, MD
420 N 2nd Ave, Suite 200
Sandpoint, ID 83
(208) 263-2173

Kalispell/Whitefish OBs

Alpine Women’s Center
2002 Hospital Way
Whitefish, MT
(406) 862-6436

Gina Nelson MD
210 Sunnyview Ln
Kalispell, MT
(406) 755-6550

Northwest Women’s Health Care 1st trimester only
Serving the Libby Area
(406) 752-8282

Kalispell OB GYN PLLC
Serving the Libby Area.
(406) 752-5252

******* Health Insurance *******

Certified application counselors available to help you access affordable or free health care insurance:

Northwest Community Health Center
320 E 2nd St,
Libby, Mt 59923
(406) 293-3755

******* Family Planning *******

Planned Parenthood – pre natal OB GYN
Northwest Community Health Center
320 E 2nd St,
Libby, Mt 59923
(406) 293-3755

Northwest Community Action Partnership
933 Farm to Market Road, Suite B
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-2712

******* Housing and Utilities Assistance*******

We Care Unplanned Pregnancy – maternity & baby clothes
309 1st Ave. E
Eureka, MT 59917
(406) 297-2079

Pregnancy Care Center – free maternity & baby clothes
113 W 10th St,
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-9435

Park Side Thrift Store – low cost
101 Mineral Ave
Libby, Mt
(406) 293-8848

Family Based Services (Intermountain)

3240 Dredge Drive

Helena Montana 59602


Some of the Helpful Maternal Resources information includes:

  • Adoption Services
  • Basic Needs
  • Counselors
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Family Planning
  • Hospitals
  • Legal Services

OBs (Obstetricians)

The first trimester is the most critical time in your pregnancy. Although the fetus at the end of three months is only about 4 inches long and weighs less than 1 ounce, all of its functions have begun to form — major organs and nervous system, heartbeat, arms, fingers, legs, toes, hair, and buds for future teeth. See a doctor as soon as possible after you find out you’re pregnant to begin getting prenatal care. The sooner you start to get medical care, the better the chances that you and your baby will be healthy.

Libby Clinic
211 E 2nd St
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-8715

******* Physicians *******

*** Crisis Intervention (domestic violence & rape) ***

Free 24/7 phone counseling for victims of domestic violence/rape. Free emergency safe housing, transportation, food, toiletry items, clothing and help making a safety plan.

Lincoln County Crisis Solutions –
(406) 293 3223 Libby
(406) 291 2715 Eureka
or toll free 1 (877) 493-7139

Emergency – 911 (ambulance, police, fire)

Non-emergency (406) 293-4112, Ext 0 for Dispatch

Montana Dept of Health and Human Services

FREE text messages 3 times a week with info to help you through your pregnancy.

Sunburst Foundation – Family Concepts
Libby Office
108 E. 9th Street Suite #11
Libby, MT 59923
Phone: (406) 291-5273

Troy Northwest Community Baptist Church
725 E Missoula Ave
Troy, MT 59935
(406) 295-4206

Christian Church
100 Kootenai River Rd
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-3747

A New Arrival, Inc.

P.O. Box 445

204 S. Main St

Twin Bridges Montana 59754


******* Tobacco Cessation *******

If you drink or take drugs while you are pregnant, you can hurt your baby’s brain, heart, kidneys and other organs. Then when your baby could be born with a problem called fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). FAS babies may have mental retardation, be small and not off to a good start in life, have a hard time learning and controlling how they act. There is no known safe level of alcohol or drugs during pregnancy. If you need help to quit….

Flathead Valley Chemical Dependency Clinic
711 California Avenue
Libby, Montana 59923
(406) 293-7731

152 Hwy 37, Eureka, MT
(406) 297-2822

Al Anon/Alateen Meeting Information – (888) 4AL ANON

Northwest Community Health Center – sliding scale
320 E 2nd St
Libby, Mt 59923
(406) 293-3755

HELPNET – (406) 752- 8181 or Toll Free (800) 332-8425

Lincoln County Libraries for pregnancy resource materials

Libby (406) 293-2778, Troy (406) 295-4040, Eureka 9406) 296-2613

Lincoln County Public Health Nurse – Eureka (406) 297- 2023

Stillwater Therapeutic Services
418 Windward Way,
Kalispell, MT 59901
(406) 752-6100